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Writing poetry is a true passion of mine. I find nothing more challenging or thought provoking than putting reason to rhyme. Through the world of poetry, we have the opportunity to live out our fantasies and reflect on our realities. We paint a picture of our daydreams, embrace our sorrows, and give reverence to Godís gifts of life and love. My expression of poetry is simple and easily understood yet speaks to the heart. My hope is to touch lives with my thoughts. While here, I hope you find something that touches your heart in a special way and carry it with you when you go.


**Please note all of my poems are copyrighted and registered with the Nat'l Library of Congress. This is read-only material.

* Asterisks with a poem title in the poetry list indicates the poem does not have it's unique background yet. Also, please be patient while each poem's background loads.

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